Logitech Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

I LOVE this keyboard!  I’ve changed my multimedia TV computer and keyboards a few times , but this Logitech K400 is my favorite.  The keys are almost normal-size, maybe slightly smaller, but the best feature to me is that it is a keyboard with a touchpad included.  The best purpose for this keyboard is for an entertainment computer, typing lookups at a distance while sitting on your couch.  I wouldn’t use it as a main keyboard for typing a long report.  The whole keyboard is a perfect size and easy to store near the couch or on the arm of the couch.  It connects via Bluetooth, and truly does have a good working range of about 30 feet.  I’ve had pretty good luck with Logitech products, you can find reviews of others I own.  If you have questions about this keyboard, let me know.  I’ve have good experience using it with a PC, a Mac, and MINIX Neo X7 mini-PC.  The keyboard I had before this one was a Gearhead keyboard /mouse combo which worked great, but I got tired of having 2 things to manage and decided to try this all-in-one, with great success.

Brookstone Massagers

I highly recommend these 2 seat topper massagers by Brookstone. They both have a few different modes, and also both have heat therapy which helps relax your back. The Shiatsu massager has some rotating balls that dig into your back sooo good (left). The 10-motor massager buzzes/vibrates your stress away and relaxes me to sleep (right).  I use them regularly, and they keep me going by relieving my tight back muscles!  When my friends come over, they love it!

I added the Percussion Massager to this post.  I’ve owned similar massagers and paid less, but there’s just no comparison to this one!  It is completely worth the price!  This massager has 2 nodes that are medium-soft and has enough power to beat-out any tight muscles you have!  I think it’s the best!  So check it out.


BearExtender Products & Accessories

BearExtender 1200USB WiFi Signal Booster Antenna for Mac

BearExtender 1200USB WiFi Signal Booster Antennafor PC

RP-SMA WIFI AntennaFemale to Male Extension Cable 5M

        Click on the image above to take you to the Amazon page to learn more!


If you can’t pickup a strong WIFI signal, these ‘extender’ products will help you out

For Mac, up to 2-3 times the distance of built-in Apple AirPort cards
For PC, up to 4X the range of standard range WiFi products
BearExtender has 1200mW of power, to see more Wi-Fi networks around you
Connect and download at higher speeds
Perfect for use in airports, RV parks, and on boats
The separately sold extension cable is perfect to locate the antenna high and clear